ATO's Etax 2013 tax return available now

Below is a selection of 2013 tax rates and tables for income tax, Medicare Levy 2013, Medicare Levy Surcharge 2013 and Low Income Tax Offset 2013 and HELP Debt. For help with estimating your 2013 tax refund:

The ATO were a little slow this year in releasing their e-tax product but it is now available.

The reason they were a little slow in releasing their etax was the many changes in the 2013 tax return.
Changes include:
  • Income test used to calculate various Tax Offsets (Adjusted Taxable Income);
  • Medicare levy surcharge
  • Additional declaration items
  • Eliminatingsome tax offsets
  • Lowest Taxable Income Threshold changed to $18200
  • Tax Rates changed from 15% to 19%
The changes can impact:
  • Child Support calculations
  • Superannuation Co-contribution entitlements
  • Eligibility for various Tax Offsets
  • Increase to HELP and SFSS debt see RATES post

For further help with the changes see our blog post here.
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