Can I use etax to do my last year's tax return?

"I forgot to do my last years tax and was wondering if i could do it on etax or the internet?

Sometimes when life happens you just get behind with your tax returns. Not necesarily a good thing to do as the ATO could be sitting on a decent refund for you. However, if you do get behind the ATO's etax won't help you as on 1 July each year the previous version is taken OFFLINE.

No biggie!. Using a tax application like Eztax does away with those concerns as you can access prior years tax returns online.

The benefit of using EzTax is it's online and it's EASY. We would love to help you get your tax returns up-to-date and refund in your pocket. Have a look and try it out and join the many users enjoying our online tax web app.
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