Ever lost your etax files?

Has this ever happened to you? - "...my computer crashed and I've lost my etax files. What can I do?"

That's a comment on the ATO's etax that we here often. It's an important question - what do you do when you lose your tax information?

In the event of a problem the tax office does not provide support. The moment you download the package and start recording and storing your vital tax information you run the risk of losing your data.

That's why we developed our own online tax return preparation application - eztax. What you get with EzTax is:
  • No downloads to manage and install
  • FREE your disc space
  • Genuine online application
  • Establish a user account for FREE
  • FREE storage of your vital tax data
  • Reliable source of relevant information 
  • Ongoing support
There are other benefits of using EzTax - for example, the ability to obtain a FREE tax refund calculation. Whilst genuine, effective and up-to-date online services do cost, the cost of using our tax return preparation application is very small.

Have a look and try it out. We would love to help you keep your tax returns up-to-date and on time with the best possible refund.
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