If I use etax how do I know that my refund is right?

"If i lodge my tax return using etax and get a refund, how do i really know if i was meant to get one or not? Im not an accountant or anything and i fill everything out on etax that i understand but im worried that i might be doing it wrong. How long does it take before they catch up with me if i am doing it wrong?"

This is a common question that people ask about the ATO's etax tax return download - and it is cause for concern. What's the alternative?

Using an application like Eztax does away with those concerns-  you're not left on your own wondering. Eztax has the genuine expertise, experience and online tax apps to get it right the first time.

The benefit of using EzTax is it's online and it's EASY. We would love to help you get your tax return right the first time. Have a look and try it out and join the many users enjoying our online tax web app. Click on the link below:
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