2013 etax Download

On 1 July 2013 the ATO will make their 2013 version of etax available for download (see link at bottom of page below).

Two years ago we launched our onlne tax refund calculator. The 2013 Quick Tax Return Calculator version is available from 30 June 2013. Click the Calculate now link above for a quick tax refund estimate.

Changes for 2013 tax return: 

Good news  -  We continue to update our knowledge base/tax blog, offering effective tax tips both for now and over the next tax year. heck our index menu for a lists of topics.

Tax Free Threshold changed to $18200
  • Tax Rates Table 2013
  • No Flood Levy
  • Spouse Tax Offset only available for spouse born before July 1952
  • Medicare Levy Surcharge Income Thresholds in crease rates for high income earners

We'd love to help you get the best possible tax refund for 2012. We can do that when you use our online tax return resources.

Our 2013 online tax return system will be operational on 30 June 2013.

If any of these apply to you?

$ Work Related Deductions  
$ Travel Expenses & Overtime Meal Allowances 
$ Medicare Levy Reduction or Exemption 
$ Medicare Levy Surcharge $ Spouse Tax Offset  
$ Beneficiary Tax Offset 
$ Mature Age Tax Offset  
$ Private Health Insurance

For a comprehensive tax refund calculation please use our Online Tax Return Package - it will take into account all relevant tax deductions and tax offsets for a more accurate estimate of your tax refund. Its FREE! So get started now:
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Here is a link to the ATO site  for etax 2013 download.

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